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Experience the wonderful beauty of nature around Zermatt.

Our Sports Store in Zermatt – your athletic companion with a broad selection of what you need:
  • current sports fashions
  • colourful accessories
  • the largest selection of rental mountain bikes in Zermatt
  • the latest ski models in our rental department
  • exclusive ski boot testing
  • precise ski service
  • well trained technical mountain bike service
  • modern mountain bikes and powerful eBikes for every outing imaginable
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    Ski Rental & Ski Hire

    we are your ski rental and service partner in Zermatt

    Ski Rental in Zermatt

    Slalom Sport Zermatt, Ski Rental in Zermatt
    Ski rental in Zermatt that fits your needs perfectly+ Information & Prices

    Ski service in Zermatt

    Slalom Sport Zermatt, Ski service in Zermatt
    The perfect all-round overnight service+ Information & prices

    Exclusive! Ski boot testing!

    Slalom Sport Zermatt, Exclusive! Ski boot testing!
    Buy ski boots the easy way. Try different models before buying. Exclusively at Slalom Sport.+ Details

    Bike Rental in Zermatt

    Slalom Sport Zermatt, Bike Rental in Zermatt
    Zermatt is a secret spot for cyclists.

    From June to mid-October we've got 40 mountain bikes available for you to hire+ Details

    Bike online reservation

    Slalom Sport Zermatt, Bike online reservation
    Book direct with us for
    stress-free service!
    + Book directly

    Bike service centre in Zermatt

    Slalom Sport Zermatt, Bike service centre in Zermatt
    We guarantee expert and professional service. + Details

    New and used bikes

    Slalom Sport Zermatt, New and used bikes
    Here you can search for used and stocked bikes.+ velocorner

    Ski online reservation

    Slalom Sport Zermatt, Ski online reservation
    Book direct with us for stress-free service and a 15% discount
    + book directly

    Summer adventure – hire

    Slalom Sport Zermatt, Summer adventure – hire
    We'll hire out the right equipment, whether you're looking for some summer skiing, hiking or a tour of the Breithorn+ Details

    Intersport Rent

    Slalom Sport Zermatt, Intersport Rent
    We´re partners of INTERSPORT RENT, the largest hire network in the Alps.+ Intersport Rent

    Price lists

    Slalom Sport Zermatt, Price lists
    Here you'll find prices for:

    Hiring skis, snowboards and mountain bikes+ Details

    Everything under one roof

    Hotel La Couronne

    Slalom Sport Zermatt, Hotel La CouronneFeel welcome and at home in Zermatt's ***superior HOTEL LA COURONNE, run by the Julen family.

    Our hotel is open throughout the year with the exception of a few weeks in spring.
    Your holiday hotel in Zermatt!
    Link to website

    Restaurant Old Zermatt

    Slalom Sport Zermatt, Restaurant Old ZermattIf you love classic haute cuisine, then our OLD ZERMATT restaurant is the place for you.

    All dishes are freshly prepared. We also offer a vegetarian menu and gluten-free dishes.

    Slalom Sport

    Slalom Sport Zermatt, Slalom SportWhatever kind of sports clothes or equipment you are looking for, you will find it in our SLALOM SPORT.

    Hotel guests get a special discount of
    20% on rentals and 10% on purchases
    The in-house sports shop!

    Shops & Brands

    Winter and summer fashion

    Slalom Sport Zermatt, Winter and summer fashion
    A wide range of trendy ski fashions and stylish outfits for your summer activities+ Details

    Skis & snowboards

    Slalom Sport Zermatt, Skis & snowboards
    Familiar brands for the best skiing fun+ Details


    Slalom Sport Zermatt, Accessories
    A massive selection of fashion accessories and safety aids.

    Don't go without sturdy hiking shoes or the right rucksack...+ Details

    Mountain bikes

    Slalom Sport Zermatt, Mountain bikes
    Your bike dealer with the biggest selection in Zermatt+ Details


    Slalom Sport Zermatt, eBikes
    eBike – heading straight up the mountain+ Details

    Gift vouchers

    Slalom Sport Zermatt, Gift vouchers
    Give someone the gift of sport+ Vouchers


    Slalom Sport Zermatt, Team
    Experts who know what they're talking about. + show the team


    Slalom Sport Zermatt, Partners
    A big thank you to our reliable partners+ To the partners

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